Justin Kaliszewski, artist, author, adventurer, Outlaw Yogi

I'm Justin.

Welcome to my page - the place where it ALL comes together. Author. Artist. Adventurer. Outlaw Yogi.

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My collection of books, articles, quotes and quibbles are designed to inspire you to show up, stand out, fall, fail, and FLY!

Make more than a habit out of Life.

(I dare you...)

Every moment is an act of creation. What are you busy Creating?

As an artist, I consider my paintings a meditation, practice, and a deep reminder to bring the viewer back into a sense of presence and play.

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"Life is either a Daring Adventure
or nothing at all."


From barefooting Colorado’s Fourteeners, to hunting for treasure in the azure waters of the South Pacific, I aim to dig to the depths of what life has to offer...Komodo to Kilimanjaro, I’m willing to lead and to follow.

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You don't have to be so damn
to be Spiritual

Whether you’re a seasoned or brand new yoga teacher, a life-coach, or want to connect to a renewed source of inspiration, my coaching is a revolutionary co-creation.

Outlaw Coaching
Justin Kaliszewski is world-class power yoga instructor

Your moment. Your breath. Your choice

My choice is boldness and as a yoga instructor I hope to inspire you to connect unapologetically to authenticity. Fighters, lovers, soldiers, and tree-huggers welcome. No experience required...

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Hope you got somethin’ out of this -
Live it to the fullest!

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