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‘Yoga’ is a word that comes with a lot of baggage…Ram Dass says, “Any practice that brings you closer to God is a yoga.” The practice of yoga – physical postures, meditations, breath work – brings me into presence – a place of deeper connection to that which is already, always perfect within us…the aspect of the divine that resides in ALL of us.

The creator of OUTLAW Yoga, I leverage this revolutionary practice to create connection in delivering transformational yoga-experiences across the country, and at the Outlaw Yoga Littleton studio. You can also find my classes online at yogiapproved.com, yogadownload.com, and youtube.com/outlawyogi. Click on the appropriate logo below for more info.

Kaliszewski Life Coaching

Whether you’re a seasoned or brand new yoga teacher, a life-coach, or want to connect to a renewed source of inspiration, my coaching is a revolutionary co-creation. I take on select-few clients to ensure the highest caliber of instruction.

ask about coaching availability.

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