What to do When You Only Have 5 Minutes to Prepare to Teach a Yoga Class.

As a yoga student I would prefer that we take hours to prepare to teach a yoga class—hell, a lifetime ideally.

But, as a teacher, I acknowledge that some days life just won’t allow it.

Dog pukes up a bird on the floor, car won’t start, traffic holds you up, your mom (or kid) calls with a fresh emergency as you arrive at the studio. Iyengar—God rest his soul—would tell us to stay home if we have diarrhea or if it’s that time of the month for ladies.

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Everything in Life

Out of a desire to synthesize some of the Top Five lists floating around out there—as abundant as they are helpful—I have compiled my own list of the top five reasons to avoid everything in life.
1. Don’t eat or drink anything!

New studies show that almond flour gives us AIDS, soy contributes to ADD, and wheat will kill us stone-dead in a single bite. Beef is lousy, laden with hormones and, come to think of it, so is tap water. Beans will bloat us, and rice will make us fat.

If we absolutely must eat, say the experts, eat naturally fallen fruit dried in pure sunshine. If we must drink, limit it to Hawaiian rainwater collected in an organic glass blown by an enlightened individual. Most experts, however, urge that eating and drinking should be avoided when at all possible.

Hope you got somethin’ out of this -
Live it to the fullest!

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